A new WhatsApp update that makes searching for messages easier

This platform-driven change can now be applied to the beta version of the messaging app.

Share it. Photo: Unsplash.

Currently, Share it It allows you to search for messages by typing specified search engine words or phrases at a specific time. As the new update is coming, Users can search for messages Received and sent text, audio, photos and videos By ship date.

You can select a specific day and with that information, the platform system will take responsibility to display the web user. All content exchanged with the other personIn their chat together, At a time of your choosing.

New Whatsapp Update.  Photo: WabetainfoNew Whatsapp Update. Photo: Wabetainfo

This new functionality is located Development phaseSo users only Beta WhatsApp users can currently access it. It is not yet known when the official release of this tool will be available to those who updated the application.

WhatsApp Channels.  Photo: WhatsApp Blog

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How to access this feature

To access this feature, users who have the beta version or users who are patient and waiting for the update need to click on the button list located in the upper right corner of the screen and select the option “search”. A new calendar shaped logo will appear which you need to press.

Search news by date.  Photo: WabetainfoSearch news by date. Photo: Wabetainfo

A will be displayed A calendar that allows you to go several months into the past. Thus, the exact date of the search is established and the application displays all the conversations that took place on that day. This way, you can directly access each of those messages to read them back or send them.

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