Evacuations in Mexico City after migrant shelters collapse

The chaos of illegal immigration has returned to Mexico. In recent months, the country has welcomed thousands of people from Latin America and the Caribbean who want to reach the United States.

The situation is becoming unsustainable and some cities that serve as shelters for these migrants can no longer cope.

The National Institute of Migration (INM) visited each of the shelters established by immigrants in Mexico City (CDMX) to “record the actual number of people who arrived in the country and implement a strategy that can improve their conditions.” , reported Infobay.

As they reported, the aid centers were overflowing with 1,500 refugees, nearly 300 of them minors. Among the nationalities of various countries, those from Cuba, Haiti, Salvador, Honduran, Venezuela and Afghanistan also stand out.

The aforementioned text indicates that the Mexican government opened 4 shelters in CDMX, but “the arrival of so many migrants is not expected, and if they continue to receive more people, they may be closed permanently.”

In this situation, camps have been set up on the outskirts and agents of the National Institute of Migration (INM) have started evacuation operations to “relocate all those affected”.

Exodus of immigrants in CDMX

This Saturday, November 11, for example, one of these actions took place in the camp located on Norte Avenue and Fortuna Street of the rebels near the Potrero station on Line 3.

According to the INM, all the refugees will be transferred in buses to the states of Chiapas and Tabasco, but many of them are desperate.

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There was another operation at the North Bus Station, where several complaints were generated as “many fled the scene as the agents came violently and destroyed their campaign houses,” the media noted.

Infobae notes that the whereabouts of all migrants evacuated from camps in Mexico City are still unknown.

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