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The episode takes a comprehensive look at how science communication has become an essential bridge between the scientific community and society at large. From health issues to climate challenges to advances in artificial intelligence, the effective communication of science is a key tool for empowering people to make informed, evidence-based decisions.

Alejandra Vidales offers her perspective from the field of academic research, emphasizing the importance of translating scientific complexity into accessible language. He asserts that science politics also plays an essential role, as science communication can influence the political agenda and decision-making.

From the perspective of journalism and education, Claudio Brotman explores how science communication adapts to diverse audiences. The changing dynamics of research funding, the handling of public and private funding, and how this may shape the way science is communicated are also discussed.

The episode also includes a brief review of the book “Odorama” by Federico Cocso, which is an example of how the interdependence of disciplines can enrich understanding of the world around us, emphasizing the importance of cooperation and communication between different fields of knowledge.

In turn, the hosts comment on Chilean plays and playwrights who highlight the collaboration between different disciplines and the appreciation of art as a means of communication in the scientific field.

In a world where science and politics are inextricably intertwined, this episode of the Purísima Podcast provides an in-depth, multifaceted look at how science not only informs, but enables and shapes fundamental decisions affecting society.

The episode is available on all podcast platforms.

About Purisima Podcast

Purísima Podcast is a popular podcast program produced by Andrés Bello University’s Creative Campus. Hosted by journalists Alejandra Delgado and Tatiana Oliveros, the podcast addresses relevant issues of thought and culture, offering interviews with experts and opinion leaders. Purísima Podcast is available on multiple platforms, including Spotify, in collaboration with El Mostrador.

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