YouTube pays its users $ 10,000 a month to upload content in shorts instead of dictation

Image for article pays its users $ 10,000 per month to upload content in shorts instead of dictation Image for article titled YouTube Upload Content on Shorts Instead of Paying $ 10,000 a Month

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Dictok is often talked about as Facebook’s best competitor, but YouTube also sees wolf ears.

Neil Mohan, YouTube Product Manager, was on one of the podcasts On the edge Discuss the $ 100 million fund that the company will start compensating content creators using YouTube Shorts this month.

YouTube Shorts is a platform for uploading integrated short-term videos on YouTube 60 seconds. It was announced in September 2020 and operates as a dictator section on YouTube. In fact, many videos shared in shorts are re-uploaded from Dictoc.

To avoid this and to create original content on shorts, creators can pay up to $ 10,000 per month to create videos on the YouTube platform. The exact amount that users will receive It depends on your breed and your location Audiences, but not YouTube Videos must be original: If a user uploads watermarked videos from other sites (Like TicTac, Snapshot or Instagram Reels)Your channel will be devalued.

For now, only money Available in 10 regions (United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazilian, Indian, Indonesia, Japan, Nigeria, Russia and South Africa), But YouTube plans to expand the list “in the future” and implement a new monetization system.

Last month, Announced by Mark Zuckerberg Facebook plans to invest more than $ 1 billion in 2022 to “reward creators” of content. Jump ship in support of TickTalk, Twitch, Snapshot or YouTube. Wolf ears.

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