Apple is planning all these releases in 2022: Find out the complete list

Apple devices. (Photo: Bandit)

It’s no secret Apple The newly introduced 2022 is making a number of devices. However, the famous Bloomberg journalist Mark Kurman’s statement about this was surprising: “Apple is preparing for this fall. Largest product release Hardware throughout its history.

This is a complete list of devices that Apple will launch in 2022

– Four IPhone Different: Two standard models and two Pro.

– First Mac Pro With Apple silicone processor.

– A total alignment MacBook Air, Which comes with M2 chip, MagSafe port and a completely new design.

– An update MacBook Pro The input may be with the M2 processor.

– An update Airports Pro.

– A new one IPod Economic.

– New iPad Pro M2 processor and rear wireless charging.

– An update iMac May be with 24, M2 processor.

– Three Apple Watch: Series 8, a new SE and a much tougher Apple Watch.

A MacBook Air, an Apple Watch and an iPhone XS.  (Photo: iPadizate)
A MacBook Air, an Apple Watch and an iPhone XS. (Photo: iPadizate)

Apple will be releasing releases for April and May 2022

If this list is not enough, Apple will prepare some product releases in the middle of the year. As usual, these are low impact products, however they are of interest to consumers and the company as they generate high sales.

Rumors from the source mentioned at the beginning of the article refer to it Between April and May, Apple will launch the new one iPhone SE Y IPod Air With A15 processor, Fits IPod mini In this aspect.

He also suggested that the company issue a statement High-end iMac with M1 Pro processor Or something High quality Mac Mini with the aforementioned chip In the same event.

IMac model with M1 Pro processor.  (Photo: Bloomberg)
IMac model with M1 Pro processor. (Photo: Bloomberg)

Apple’s Mac 2022 will have big updates

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This year is important for Apple because it shifts from Intel processors to the ARM configuration of processors. Apple silicone. When the process starts in 2020 WWDCCompany executives Announces plans to upgrade the entire lineup of computers to new architecture.

Currently, Apple offers in its portfolio Only three computers with Intel processors:27-inch iMac, variant of Mac mini and Mac Pro. The rest of the lineup (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, low-end Mac Mini and 24-inch iMac) has been redesigned into a completely new architecture.

Mac Pro de Apple.  (Photo: BBC)
Mac Pro de Apple. (Photo: BBC)

The biggest challenge is definitely the Mac Pro, Updated version but with two issues. First, Apple is urgently needed Create a chip Intel’s most advanced chip is not just equal or superior.

Second, you need to file one Graphic solution Equivalent to or better than GPUs Nvidia More advanced.

On the other hand, the release of the Mac Pro must be accompanied by a package of software to fit the new configuration. Translation layer Rosetta 2 Provides good results, but only by the way Native applications can take full advantage of the hardware of these new devices.

Launching the group two years after announcing the move to the ARM framework, Apple has given developers ample time. Adobe The Autodesk To adapt its tools to the new platform, thus paving the way for this new Mac Pro.

Adobe on MacBook Pro using Rosetta 2.  (Photo:
Adobe on MacBook Pro using Rosetta 2. (Photo:

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