The project board has ordered a halt to the construction of a swimming pool on Rinkan Beach

The Project Board Issued a stop and exemption order for the construction of the front recreation area Word y Playa condominium In Ringan, protesters have been gathering for the past few weeks to protest the development, realizing that it is located in the sea-land zone.

The order, dated yesterday, by the project committee, under its organic law, stated, “After learning about the inspection and an audit conducted on May 17, 2021, we found that the building permit consolidated number is 2020-344034-PCOC. -010841, provided by Ultra Wires. Therefore, you and / or your officers, agents, staff, staff, assigned or assigned persons are ordered to suspend, suspend and paralyze indefinitely.

Document signed by the appointed Chairman of the Project Committee, Image by Manuel Hidalco Rivera Placeholder, Warns that any party affected by the suspension and dislocation should be given 20 days to reconsider from the body. If the Board refuses to reconsider or fails to act, the aggrieved party may go to court for reconsideration.

This Friday, meanwhile, The Department of Natural and Environmental Resources, Plans to hold an administrative investigation to meet the challenge of demarcating the Los Almentros beach, which, as approved, allowed the construction of a retaining wall on the beach to protect the area where a pond is located. Condominium.

The pond was already destroyed in 2017 by a sea attack Hurricane Maria.

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