Lionel Fernandez vs Louis Abinader

Lionel Fernandez, the former president of the Republic, said he did not go to Google permanently just to be emotional and not feel tense.

The former president has responded to a recommendation put forward by the president Louis Abinader So they remember their governments.

“During the period of immediate and continuous communication, I think you will feel more tense if you pay constant attention,” the former president said in response to the President. Louis AbinaderWho invited him to search on Google.

“I think at the time Crisis People get nervous, yet you try to overcome the situation and you always see that there are difficulties, “said Fernandez.
He quoted former US President Abraham Lincoln as saying that he only reads newspapers on weekends in his autobiography, and when someone asked him why he did that, he said so out of fear of an emotional reaction.

Yesterday, the President Louis Abinader He urged Lionel Fernandez to use the Google tool so he could remember what his governments were like. The current president’s reaction came after Fernandez criticized some of his executions.

Hippolyto Polanco, political leader of the Dominican Liberation Party, spoke with his family and team leaders after taking office.

At the meeting, Fernandez recognized it Crisis COVID-19 shrunk the economy globally, but in the case of the Dominican Republic Crisis What affects us is that the central bank, which generated higher inflation than initially estimated, provided $ 2,500 million to reactivate it.

Criticizing the current government’s plans to import bread and poultry, he said it would not happen at the behest of the people.

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In another order, he announced on June 30 that they would exceed the initial target of one million supporters and deposit a list of the 200,000-member People’s Force before the Central Electoral Commission.

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