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By Jose Alejandro Rodriguez Jazz

In the last hours, News of the loss of star Cuban boxer Andy Cruz From the Tomatoes de Cuba to the professional debut in Mexico’s Aguascalientes, temperatures on social networks have risen significantly.

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Cuban boxing experts and fans are looking for a logical explanation for the matter, following public statements by the group’s technical chairman Rolando Acebel shortly before leaving for the Mexican countries.

The contradiction in Acebal’s words and the lack of clarity in his arguments, Pavel Otero, the official journalist of Cuban Television, also criticized the attitude of the boxing authorities on the island and demanded transparency in the case of Andy Cruz..

Let us remember that this is not only any Antilian boxer, but also Julio Caesar of Camague, along with La Cruz, is the best Cuban boxer of today for many. Yumurino is the Andy Tokyo 2020 Olympic champion, three-time world champion (including Belgrade, Serbia’s last edition in 2021), as well as Pan American and Central American gold, so his thousands of followers deserve to be described.

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Precisely on the subject in question, Willie Suarez, a leading expert on Antiline paganism, Boxeo Cubano posted today on the Facebook team of USAAt the last minute from the professional boxing evening on Friday, May 20, very interesting information that will try to clarify a little bit what happened with Andy and expose the possible reason for his dismissal.

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“Andy Cruz and Kevin Brown’s full song is dedicated to Julio Caesar La Cruz in Cuba. And look, this song was created by these guys from Cuba. Wrote.

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Because of Andy Cruz’s conflicts and bad personal relationships with Cuban captain Julio Caesar, the news that Willie was trying to convey to his followers was that the loss of the fighter from Camague had come as a shock. Yumurino in the inaugural match in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

In fact, the song Willie shared was written by Andy and Kevin Brown a year ago (he left the Cuban delegation on a tour of Ecuador in 2022). Full swing The expert has very strong and critical songs about La Cruz’s person, accusing him of informing the island’s authorities, which is a banned music theme from being made in Cuba. In fact, it’s called “PesteMan” and was sung by Andy Cruise.

“Since the song came out, the relationship between Julio and Andy has been publicly dressed in suede,” Willie told this writer.

“While Kevin was staying in Ecuador, Julio started to say that Cruz was going to stay, and they kicked him out of the team for this match between one thing and another in Mexico. When they found out, they suspected he was going to stay, ”the expert added.

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As is well known, it is very difficult for these types of events to be verified within Cuba or for the island authorities to acknowledge their occurrence, but when it comes to such credible sources, you have to give them credit.

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Despite efforts to further clarify what happened with Andy Cruz and the Cuban boxing leaders, we leave the musical theme to your consideration so that you can evaluate the dimension of the subject yourself.

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