Prima Casa: I discovered the biophilia-designed space for a couple starting their life project

it is in The experience of living at homeDesigned by the Opuesto Estudio team with architect Julia Saramaga for Patagonia Flooring It is called “Cousin’s house‘: We’re talking about the space of the legendary natural flooring and covering brand, a department that they fall in love with because they’ve managed to capture it with great success. Soul of a young couple Who just started his life project.

“It is a home designed to share and enjoy with family and friends. A quiet and welcoming place, in touch with natural products and relaxed elegance, described by the brand.

Patagonian floors at Casa Living Experience

The discovery of Casa Prima lies precisely in the “multifunctionality” of the activities which include a full kitchen, a living room with reading, audio and video area, a work area, a relaxation area, and an outdoor area with a very spacious capacity for use.

Particular praise is also given to the master suite, which invites comfort with a hero mural that incorporates nature even from the design. Everything in the environment generates a special tranquility, as well as merging the exterior with the private access to its own lounge.

The main mural of the pavilion integrates nature into its design, generating calm and serenityJulia Gutierrez

Colors, textures and more

“What we sought from the beginning was to highlight the personality of the young and modern couple. That’s why we decided to play with color contrasts through a mixture of textures, for example the natural nature of wood with the rusticity of granite, and everything contrasted with the elegance of the glossy black Rauvisio”, they explain from the label commercial.

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They add, “The color palette is overall neutral, adding some focal points with cool but at the same time welcoming hues, like green with terracotta.”

The floors and coverings are definitely the stars of the Prima Casa Hotel: the public floor is Slavonia Alpine Oak, while Slavonia Black Oak was chosen for the living room cladding and for the bedroom and toilet, respectively, Fusion Composite. 4K Snow Water Composite.

In this first edition of Casa Living Patagonia Flooring, I decided to emphasize the trend of using waterproof surfaces with its Fusion Composite 4K laminate flooring as the champion of the spaces, adding the greatest amount of “hyper-realism” to the tables due to their simultaneous sweat.

“The strong idea was to achieve the natural tone of nature to change the different environments of the house. They explain that the wall coverings work in harmony with the natural lifestyle trend from Patagonia Flooring.”

The wooden slice board – Breaking up the walls with a very easy installation and a wonderful overall effect – Adding the charm of “complete luxury” and aesthetic harmony that seems to come from the depths of the forest.

The pergola is one of the jewels of Prima Casa, perfect for sharing with family and friends.
The pergola is one of the jewels of Prima Casa, perfect for sharing with family and friends.Julia Gutierrez

Outside, at lastwooden pergolasThey provide adding shade while creating spaces that indicate the harmony and freshness of the countryside. “They even take us to a coffee break in the garden, where a perfect relaxation area is provided to share with family and friends,” said the creators of the place.

A ceiling covered in Patagonian floor paint brightens up the La Serena space designed by Gabriela Orlando
A ceiling covered in Patagonian floor paint brightens up the La Serena space designed by Gabriela OrlandoJulia Gutierrez

In the La Serena space, designed by Gabriela Orlando, the ceiling is the protagonist. A wonderful apartment designed to enjoy colors in a neutral range, where nothing seems able to change the inner peace.

The main room in the Compania Nativa . space
The main room in the Compania Nativa . spaceJulia Gutierrez

In the anima space of Compañía Nativa, . has been foundthin wooden boardOn the walls of the living room and master bedroom. Inspired by nature and its noble materials, the space conveys emotions, balance and harmony.

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