You are about to renew your driver’s license and rent a VHS that was leased 20 years ago.


25 abr 2021 05:17 GMT

Upon learning of the case, the defendant was surprised when he thought it was a joke, saying he did not remember borrowing ‘Sabrina, the teenage witch’ or had never seen the series before.

They say an American discovered VHS tape rented from Norman City, Oklahoma in 1999 for failing to return it. Local media.

Caron McBride, who currently resides in Texas, is trying to change the last name on his driver’s license and is in trouble after being charged in his old state. After contacting the Cleveland County District Attorney’s Office, they told him they wanted to misuse the rental property.

Caro, who investigated the case, was accused of never returning to the Movie Place store, according to online documents – it will no longer be there (in Latin America and ‘Sabrina’, in the cassette ‘Sabrina, Teenage Witch’ about witches in Spain). She was surprised and thought it was a joke, while at the same time saying she did not remember borrowing the tape or watching the series.

According to the woman, a man she lived with in 1999 was a victim of VHS. In connection with this, a lawyer explained, “Although the company was not technically a victim in this case because of the closure, Cleveland McBride could be prosecuted because the charges have been filed and there is a court order. However, this Wednesday the county decided to dismiss the charge and dropped the charge. .

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