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Vania Blutau left Peru and now lives in the United States. Photo: TikTok Vania Bludau

Vania Blutau She has surprised locals and strangers alike by revealing an unpleasant passage in her love life. The model posted a detailed video on her account TikTok In it she recounted a trip she took with an ex-boyfriend, calling him a “miser”. During this entire trip, the Peruvian influencer had to bear all the expenses because his ex-partner did not contribute a single dollar. According to his version, the two agreed that the expenses would be shared, but in the end this did not happen.

“This trip was the worst trip of my life, I paid for the entire trip and five nights, more or less, with my points and that. It’s all ‘middy-midty’, ‘you pay, I’ll pay another day, you pay, I’ll pay another day’ (…) We rented a car, ‘midi-mitty’, petrol ‘mi-mitty’, ice cream ‘midi-mitty’, everything is ‘midi-mitty’, everything is half and half I would never imagine. I mean, it’s a pity, he acted so much like Banuto,” he said.

Vanya Blutau and his strong response to the user

As it is known, Vanya Plutav has been living in America for several months, and although the activities he is involved in are not known, he managed to manage in Uncle Sam’s land. However, his detractors often leave negative comments on his social networks, which he responds to from time to time.

In one of these posts, heThe model decided to send a forceful message to the user insisting that the influencer was not working. It was there that Vania assured that no one knows her life better than her. “You will never know my life, we are not friends, family or neighbors,” he said.

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