Toluca’s jewelry denied to the United States

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Usually if there is a group, it will not ask for offers United States அவரா Toluca And this Demons They endured the cash bombs they provided for a long time Eagles Such as by its key figures Jose Cardoso, Paulo da Silva Y Antonio Nielsen “Sinha“, Who did not wear the jacket of the set Copa.

Occasionally Rafael Lepriza, The leader of the demons in the late 90s and early century, pointed out Demons They refused to accept all kinds of offers for their players.

“Dan Valenton (Tees) said he wanted to have his team, so he didn’t sell. Fortunately, he had the financial resources to depend on selling to a player, which is why we didn’t sell to anyone at the time,” he said. According to Cardoso they gave us seven, eight million, equal to eight million for Sinha, and they gave me 8 million for Paulo (da Silva) sitting in a restaurant. For him, it’s the United States, “he told TUDN several months ago.

Cardoso He had the opportunity to play as a reinforcement for other clubs Liberators Cup, First did it inside Blue Cross Then பச்சுகா, When Da Silva Also played பச்சுகா A year later he went to the demons again Sinha Fought inside Curatoro.

Vicente Sanchez and Fabian Estே are the exception

Passed figures only From Toluca to the United States They Fabian Este Y Vicente Sanchez, Elements within Eagles Although they could not sleep any championship they sometimes shone.

Estee graduated from the teams Toluca a Copa Although he was not the champion in the winter 99 and two and a half years he was at the club, he scored 11 goals and excluded the last match Winter 2001, Among others he title.

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For his part Vicente Sanchez arrived in Quillos, Aberdeen in 2010 and had a hard time living. For the team, no results were given and he could only be in three matches.

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