Yalitsa Aparicio shines in an elegant olive gala dress during the Cartier show

This Tuesday night, March 14, the opening ceremony of the exhibition “The Design Cartier: A Living Legacy”, an event attended by many personalities including Paulina Rubio Yalitza Aparicio, both Mexican celebrities who flooded the event with beauty and elegance. However, this time we will focus on the look of an elegant Oaxacan actress. Olive green dress.

This tone, in addition to dynamic and flattering, indicates calmness and responsibility, distinguishing characteristics Yalitza AparicioDespite having a sizable community of haters, he always knew how to respond in a balanced manner to comments that upset him.

In fact, on more than one occasion, The Protagonist of “Rome”. It has gone viral thanks to his responses that silence his detractors, because instead of engaging in debates, he usually creates Tiktoks, which many of his fans implicitly understand what those who disagree with him say. His skill.

At 29, Yalitza Aparicio has become a world-class actress / IG: @yalitzaapariciomtz

Yalitsa Aparicio in a stunning dress at the Cartier show

And back to the dress Actress of the last season of “Mujeres Assassinas”.It should be noted that it follows one of the trends that has gained relevance since the middle of last year: openings, a sensual element that contributes to any design, no matter how simple it may seem, acquires a special charm.

in this situation, Yalitza Aparicio The designer decided to use Pablo Rivera’s dress, who had already been in charge of dressing the famous celebrity for other gala events on previous occasions. The design, also worn by the author, takes plunging necklines and blends them with an opening below the top, creating the impression that her dress is actually two pieces.

However, if we look closely, we can find out “Presencias” is the costume of the protagonist It’s really a dynamic piece that seeks to play with fabric to create visual effects that women can use baby People who try to elongate their figure, as shown by the Mexican actress in this photo.

This is the dress that crowned Yalitza Aparicio as queen of the night / IG: @yalitzaapariciomtz

Being strapless, Yalitza Aparicio can show off her tattoo in all its glory On the right forearm of the last year, there is an image of a flying hummingbird and elements like a planet and a diamond. A lot with this bird, which cannot be held captive and loves its freedom.

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