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Lorna Cepeda, who is remembered for her role as Patricia Fernandez in the Colombian soap opera ‘Betty, La Fia’, Lorna Cepeda, is remembered by the audience for her best role in the soap opera.

The actress already has an artistic career of 25 years and has participated in other productions like ‘Seppe Fortuna’, plays and movies. However, he made a dark chapter of his life public on the show ‘Juanbis Gonales’.

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In the middle of her interview on this satirical show, the actress admitted that she has been going through tough economic times due to lack of employment opportunities. That he was unable to pay his goods and became a debtor.

Lorna Cepeda’s character has gone viral on several occasions, due to the iconic catchphrase of hers: “Poverty breathed down her neck, Mars”, used in the series by her character Patricia.

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In this scene, Patricia tearfully says: “I didn’t pay the credit card, they canceled me, I don’t know what I’m going to do without the credit card, the club only accounts through lawyers. This situation, poverty is choking me like never before.” “Mars.”

The iconic phrase became almost real in Lorna’s life because, as she said, she had been out of work for a long time and had no income to support herself.

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“I had a hard time. I was unemployed, for a long time, I was really in debt, I was in the dirt,” she says, saying that she owed Diane because she had a bad accountant, which forced her to sell her apartment. .

“Suddenly, they said I owed, and I didn’t know what I owed. It turns out that they have many interests and many difficulties. “Once I told them: ‘You should charge better to people who have to pay more than me,'” he added.

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In the midst of her financial situation, the actress turned to her faith and asked the Virgin of Guadalupe for an offer that almost fell from the sky and came to her.

“When Roberto Reyes, the director of the production, asked me if I had experience, I told him yes, but I hadn’t done anything,” Cepeda said.

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“I think I hurt a lot of people on that record because I was so lost, so Silvia told me one day that I should take acting classes and suggested a place where she studied. That’s how I met Maestro Alfonso Ortiz, with whom I trained for almost five years, and that’s where I Really started,” he added.

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