Debut of “media government”: the information space of La Moneda seeks to improve the socialization of actions | National

Thursday, March 16, 2023 | 10:33

Diego Martin | UNO agency


The space, produced by Segegob, today starts talking about security and consists of two blocks: the first will be revealed by the authorities and in the second the questions will be answered.

This Thursday at 11:30 am, in the press kit of La Moneda, the presentation of “Gobierno Informa” will beginthe media space through which the executive branch will seek to improve the socialization of its measures and effects.

“Each broadcast will deal with a different topic,” they advanced Fires broke out today with the 2023 Security Agenda.

That is why today the Minister of the Interior, Carolina Tuha, will be speaking with her Under-Secretaries.

Government Reports will be broadcast live By the official mention, the government’s Youtube account and it will have two blocks.

In the first, the authorities will present the issues they correspond to, and in the second, questions from the press and those arriving through social networks will be answered.

Space is produced by The Government Secretariat in the MinistryCamila Vallejo’s official spokesperson, in coordination with the ministries and departments that correspond to the audience.

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