Yalitsa Aparcio had a road accident, here is the photo

Actress Yalitsa Abaricio shared a photo through her official account, where she shows an amazing accident Somewhere in the middle of the highway in Oaxaca. So, to the concern of his followers about the status of the Oscar-nominated Mexican actress, he was the next to present to his working group that they are all in good health.

So through your Instagram account, Yalitsa Aparcio He and his entire team showed a completely destroyed tire on a truck traveling somewhere in Oaxaca. We know, The Mexican actress is on the full record of a new Mexican movie, Apparently Yalitsa Abaricio will play a major role in the conspiracy.

According to the published Oscar nominated actress, Made it clear that everyone was in good health with no injuries. Well, they had to be photographed to show evidence of their new adventure, and despite the problem of getting stuck in the middle of the wagon everyone is absolutely happy. Well, the actress is currently working on her film career.

Also, we were able to observe that the actress is very excited about her new project by releasing some small pieces behind the scenes of the shooting of the new movie. From his makeup sessions and some conversations, he will be known as a horror film with the director of the film “Presence” produced by Louis Mandoki.

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Being one of the places revealed as the city of Talalpoojua in Michoacan, it has the streets and landscapes of a magical city surrounded by mountains and nature. Except for playing the lead role of the actor Damien Alcazar, One of the most respected Mexican actors in national cinema at the moment.

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Well, despite a great successful career and a rise in success, it was considered Yalitsa Aparcio It takes time to appear in a new film production, because in recent months he has worked in the field of social activism, as well as presented with many awards from the Mexican and Latin American community, which has given us many fashionable moments.

Not only does it start with the many videos he tells us His lifestyle And he shows us his personality to know that he is Yalitsa, but not popular. He has released more details about his personal life and, like his most recent YouTube video, talks to his followers about some of the issues he encountered regarding his skin while suffering from melasma.

It contains acquired hyper pigmentation: “I’ve experienced different things for a long time, which has led me to determine that we have all gone through skin changing stages.” In his particular case, however, after he starred Roma Yalitsa Aparcio admitted that she was starting to have hyper pigmentation problems on her skin.

“It started with a small spot on his left cheek, but then it spread all over his face.” The worst decision he ever made was to use a “quick” solution to injure his skin. However, the actress has already clarified that she has treated this issue with a specialist.

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