Andrea Mesa confronts the mystery of Ana Gabriel being her mother

For a few days Rumored that Singer Ana Gabriel’s daughter Andrea Mesa began to run like wildfire, Unleashes doubts that this may be true, as some exemplify the great similarity between them.

Who is responsible for unleashing this corruption It was journalist Shanik Berman who promised that Andrea was indeed the daughter of a famous translator, but she left him for adoption and wanted to raise her partner’s daughter.

All the details: Andrea Mesa: They confirm that Miss Universe is the daughter of Ana Gabriel

Although Berman did not show evidence or confirm what was said with the evidence, It seems that these rumors have already reached the ears of Miss Universe, and in the middle of Manhattan we stopped to ask her what we think about this.

“I do not know where the rumors are coming from. Because it’s a rumor, but it’s very clear to me that my parents are my biological parents, and I have not said anything about it.The beauty queen began to say.

Except to ask her, precisely, what her parents say about all of this that the Mexican points out, “No, I have no doubt in my mind, so I said nothing, this is just another rumor. I’m Chapelo’s daughter, I’m married, and a thousand and one things came out.

Above! Andrea Mesa shows off her new life now living in New York

No doubt Mesa takes these unsubstantiated comments with great humor, words that make it clear that he did not allow the gossip to go to sleep when he had finished telling us, “It does not bother me.”.

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