How to distribute a small bathroom to save space

There are environments of the home that suffer more from the shortage of square meters, especially because they house several elements that take up a lot of space and require quite a few centimeters to use. This is the case of bath, one of the most frequently used rooms and which, in most cases, is one of the smallest.

Edisur Group It tells you some tricks of distribution, minimum distances and options to gain space without losing comfort, functionality or comfort.

Minimum measurements

The first things to take into account when establishing the distribution of the bath, are the minimum measurements that each component requires and the distance that must be between them:

  • 40 cm must be respected between toilet and bidet and 20 cm between toilets and each side of the Wall. Thus, the whole assembly requires at least 1.60 m.
  • In front of the toilet and bidet there should be 60 cm free to use them comfortably.
  • The minimum size for a shower tray is 70 x 70 cm, although it should ideally be one meter wide. The access must be 60 cm and must have a clear square of the same size in front to enter and exit without difficulties.
One option is to use narrower, unfurnished sinks. Photo: Pixabay / Grupo Edisur

Tricks to gain space

Once the sizes and distances that must be guaranteed in the bath, the next step is to play with some options to gain space for use and circulation:

  • Place a door with a minimum width (62cm) or a sliding door, which is hidden in the partition. This last option saves 1.5 m2 indoors.
  • Embed the cistern to be able to place the toilet closer to the wall or purchase compact models.
  • Use toilets that have a bidet function.
  • Corner showers are perfect for toilets of few dimensions.
  • Avoid bathtubs, which increase visual load and make the environment seem smaller.
  • Use narrower, unfurnished sinks.
  • Use light in a way that hardly casts shadows.
  • Avoid dark tones in walls and roofs.
  • Make use of a large mirror to expand the space.
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Embed the cistern to be able to place the toilet closer to the wall or purchase compact models. Photo: Pixabay / Grupo Edisur

Sometimes it is not necessary to break or move the facilities, but it is enough to opt for smaller, more compact toilets and furniture that fulfill several functions.

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