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After ending Title 42, Activist Antonio Maya Lopez stated this The migration crisis continues to deepen and transit cities for migrants such as Aguascalientes must remain alert and ready, “This is a bigger problem, we continue to see migrants arriving who want to get closer to the border and now we see others returning, but there is a lot of confusion and uncertainty,” he said. He said.

From this point of view, he regretted it There are no official shelters in the country to support these people. “We have a space of barely 400 square meters, we have no support, we have been without gas for almost a month and we now have 20 immigrants, mostly Cubans and they are working until their legal status is resolved. We have had up to 150 Haitians, as well as Salvadorans.” Hondurans, Guatemalans and Venezuelans, we help them as much as we can. compressed.

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The activist indicated that they did not stop receiving people. “For now, we’ve supported those who go, however We are at our best willing to support those who returnOur concern is that we don’t have food, cleaning materials, toilet paper, they don’t bring money, they don’t even have enough food, so we’re worried about that.”

Adding that offline They have 20 berths donated to them, which were added to the mattresses they already had, “There’s not much we can do for them, they have a safe roof, but there will never be enough space to help all these people,” Referred to.

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Maya López took the opportunity to continue to call on the people of Aguascalientes to donate whatever they have to help the hundreds of immigrants suffering the consequences of ending Title 42, “The truth is that many of the people who need us are whole families who left everything when they left their countries, they suffered and suffered along the way, and we hope that whoever can help with cleaning supplies, food, clothes, medicine, whatever, you are welcome here.” “, The director of the shelter indicated.

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