Magali Medina tells her web reporter Ojo Farandula about Yahaira Placencia’s rudeness | eye view

Without mincing words. Magali Medina Nothing is quiet and attacked Yahaira Plasencia for making a strong Fool your reporter at a radio station.

Celebrity ‘Urraga’ pointed out that he didn’t want his group to exist because he knew they would “destroy” him due to his recent work break. Sergio George; The driver pointed out “His life was already ruined a long time ago.”

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“What’s the problem? A little more on a leash, because he said: ‘They’re going to destroy me because of Sergio Jorge’. Are we going to destroy you? Your career is already destroyed, we don’t have to cooperate anymore”, The image of ATV who was very angry with the singer’s behavior commented.

In this sense, Magali pointed out that there are many salsa girls who have displaced the famous “Reina del Toto” today and are more talented than her. “I’ve seen it on previous divas, but, Yahaira Plasencia? An artist who has been playing with the juices lately, there are already salsa singers who have displaced her and have more compositions.he added.

However, all did not end there as Madina took the drastic decision not to send a statement on partition. Yahaira And the famous American producer did not give him much space in his program.

Why doesn’t Sergio Jorge work with Yahaira?

Sauce boat Yahaira Placencia He surprised his followers by announcing that he was splitting his job Sergio George. It should be noted that the producer terminated his contract with the singer because speculation began that he would work Thalia.

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“I think today’s Yahaira can walk alone. I want to experience new things, new sounds.” The Peruvian artist completely denied any feud with Sergio Jorge. “I was talking to him because we laughed a little while talking, but everything was fine with Sergio.”

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