With the public shouting “Dias-Canal Tsingao”.

Linear table He is willing to express his political position and clarify his views to his constant critics.

At his last concert in Orlando, he was a guest The Junkie, the singer and composer asked the public to shout along with him on the chorus, Diaz-Canal Tsingao; But he blamed everything on the influential Alexander Otola.

“I want this video to play all over Cuba, all over Miami, everywhere. I was going to say Díaz-Canel, you say… (singao you can hear the audience), but when I say Otaola you say… (those who were singao shouted back),” Lenier explained from the stage.

Catch up on Instagram / Yosleny González

In pictures posted by Lanier’s wife, Yosleni Gonzalez, on her Instagram stories, they can be seen repeating the chorus as Lanier leads the audience from the stage.

After him Travel to Cuba during the Santa Maria Music FestivalThere were many From exile they criticized Lenier He responded by visiting the island precisely during an event promoted by the dictatorship at its hotels. “There are more communists in Miami than in Cuba.”.

One of the The artist questioned sharply And he pointed his guns at him, constantly bringing to light all the controversies and circumstances involving him, precisely Alexander Otola.

A few days ago Lenier and the Cuban producer Boris Arencibia, the organizer of the festival, from a nightclub They hurled homophobic slurs at Ottola They say they want “a male mayor”.

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