Tekashi 6ix9ine gave Yailin a car for her birthday

One of the most notorious names in the national and international show business are artist names Tekashi 6ix9ine, Yailin is very viral, and Anuel AA, who captured the tendencies of their controversy.

It all came to a head when the Puerto Rican Anuel posted on his social networks a photo of his daughter with the Dominican, Cattleya, in which his face was completely visible, an act that angered Yael, who tried to be selfish and narcissistic on his social networks. Puerto Rican

Likewise, Tekashi also attacks Anuvel, calling him a bad father for his treatment of Minor and his withdrawal from her.

All this created a fight between the three parties through their social networks, in which they took out “rags in the sun” as they say and made strong confessions such as Anuel’s mistreatment of Yaelin.

However, this whole feud showed the American rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine She showed her closeness to the Dominican singer and came out to defend her tooth and nail in front of her ex-partner, who was her friend or musical colleague at the time.

D. lavish giftsekashi 6ix9ine presented to Yailin in recent months

Rapper for weeks Tekashi 6ix9ine And this Singer Yalin They fall in love because of his surprising approach and the details he has with her.

In recent times, the rapper Dominican has presented luxurious watches with diamonds, jewelry, flowers and even a truck, the artist always boasts on his social networks.

However, in various interviews both of them have clarified that they are just friends and their relationship is only for work and publicity issues, but their closeness and weird photos are desirable.

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youekashi 6ix9ine gave Yailin a luxury car for her birthday

Although the American should have already given Yailin a lavish birthday present, that was not the case as he recently decided to surprise her with a new and expensive detail, a luxury car.

The rapper invited Yalin to Miami, USA, where he lives, he did this on a private plane and when he landed on American soil, he planned a complete surprise for her, blindfolded her to get off. Airplane.

When he got off, the artist said he could close his eyes, where he handed him the keys to his new car. A luxury Rolls-Royce that costs over a billion Colombian pesos.

The artist did not hesitate to jump on him to hug him, and although they almost kissed, the excitement did not allow it in front of the camera, then the rapper recorded himself playing it for the first time inside it, and they also posed together earlier. Slowly. Ahead of the gift, the American artist assured him that it would not be the only surprise he would give her.

Go check out someone like me, happy birthday, it continues, stay tuned for another detail tomorrow.

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