Daniel Habib calls Aislyn Derbes and Mauricio Ochman cowards

After separation Aislyn Derbes and Mauricio Ochman There is a lot of speculation about the reasons for their separation because their photos on social networks show that there is still love between them.

Apparently those who follow him are not the only ones who see it, because Daniel Habib, Told the daughter of the famous lecturer Eugenio Derpes on leadership, mind and spirit She is a coward.

In the most recent edition of her podcast ‘The Magic of Chaos’, the actress talked about her vulnerable relationship with the spiritual teacher and was amazed by the words they said to her.

Islin Derbus He mentioned this during a conversation with Daniel Habib He continues to love his ‘daughter’s father’ (Mauricio Ochman) It will always be the same.

“Today I love my daughter’s father, I love him wholeheartedly, I believe in it I will continue to love him for the rest of my life. “, Said the actress.

He argued that the end of a relationship, not to mention that it is his, ends with the decision of both parties, not necessarily due to infidelity.

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To his words, the lecturer responded bluntly: “Only cowards will give up what they want”, he said.

The actress of ‘La Casa de los Flores’ responded: “In that change of two, after looking at where we were going, it transformed, I don’t think there was love, because Love was awesome, there is more Very strong love and I doubt it will dissolve. “, He mentioned.

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Finally Daniel Habib Perhaps, then, it made him look like the children of life Aislyn Derbes and Mauricio Ochman They can be reassembled, which surprised the translator.

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