A video of Biku’s mother being “rude” with Shakira’s parents goes viral

The video is going viral on social media.


A few months ago, a viral video was leaked on the network, where is our mother Big, Montserrat Bernabeu While silencing Shakira with his finger and pressing her face with his hand, the aggressive gesture was heavily criticized by fans. Shakira.

Now another video has come to light in which it appears Mozart Bernabeu along with her husband, Joan PickShakira and her parents William Mebarak Chadid And NIDIA DEL CARMEN RIPOL.

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You can see in the pictures that they are about to take a photo, however, before the photo, of the mother PQ Parents are not included Shakira Inside the photo, and considered rude by many Internet users, they will never be seen.

Network users complained about Montserrat’s attitude, excluding Shakira’s parents, asserting that Pique’s mother was arrogant and rude.

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Although the context, year and event of the video are unknown, the images reinforce the strained relationship between Shakira and her ex-mother-in-law, who has so far refused to talk about the Colombian.

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