From the chair, Marcela Moss raises the temperature in a tiny pink bikini | Photographs

Marcela Moss is a popular YouTuber Werevertumorro was the biggest idol of social networks in that era. The daring and challenging way to animate a party by taking a bottle of tequila made it popular among young people who started their careers as influencers or content creators. Video site.

She started attracting audiences He makes YouTube cartoons where he tells the stories of his life Or your friends who are sarcastic and nostalgic. Later he started collaborating with other channels by making small participations in paintings with themes of youth, sensual content and horror. Until bankruptcy hit his pockets and with the massive rise of YouTubers, he was forgotten.

Now the 28-year-old shares her life Sensational photos in Telegram on his Instagram account And in his impressive profile Fans only. During an interview Juanjo Herrera on his channel “Spilling El Shot”.Marcela admits that she decided to open her account after running out of money Fans only And within a few weeks his photos started selling like crazy among his followers. This now prompts the influencer to undertake more extensive sessions to deliver quality to his content. A subscription Fan account only Marcela Moss is about $10 a month, With three or 6 month promotions.

Marcela Moss wears a very daring neckline. Photo: Instagram

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Marcela Moss wears a pink bikini

Beautiful influencer Marcela Moss She has shared several photos on her Instagram account in an armchair and bed in scantily clad clothes. The pictures show Marcela wearing it Little pink bikiniIn addition to wearing a Blue hair in a Colombian Carol G style.

Marcela Moss with blue hair. Photo: Instagram
Marcela Moss wears a pink bikini. Photo: Instagram

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Marcela Moss sends her most daring morning photos on Telegram

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