Why shouldn’t the best NBA players go with Team USA to the Basketball World Cup?

America’s painful participation in the 2023 Basketball World Cup has come to an end. Team USA is in for a tough time after losing to Germany in the semifinals and Canada’s win in the third-place match. Many people on social media are complaining about the defeat of Steve Kerr’s team in the World Cup.This in turn made the coach wonder why he didn’t take some of the NBA’s best stars to the tournament. However, unlike other sports like football, Steve Kerr could do little to convince the players..

The new edition of the Basketball World Cup has called the United States a formidable contender to beat. There were many analysts who were hoping for another win at the American Dream Team tournament, but nothing could be further from the truth.. Little by little, America will begin to expose its flaws. Steve Kerr didn’t invite some stars like LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant or Jayson Tatum or Kawhi Leonard And I will end up paying a lot for it.

There are several keys to understanding the ‘no’ of the stars for the call, this North American crash of Asia. For the NBA and its most proven players, the Basketball World Cup doesn’t carry the weight of the Olympics.America always manages to put together a dream team to fight for gold Tokyo 2020 Stars like Tatum, Kevin Durant, Bam Adebayo, Draymond Green, Zavh LaVine and Damian Lillard didn’t hesitate to sign up for Kerr’s challenge. It is more, There is already speculation that LeBron James and Stephen Curry could appear as captains of the US team at Paris 2024..

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The second key has to do with the games players play throughout the season. LThe NBA regular season consists of 82 official games from October to April., added to the play-offs, could extend the year well into the summer. There are many players who want to have one Retirement season Much calmer and quieter than saying ‘yes’ to the US team to play in FIBA ​​tournaments. This trend is usually more common among players who are nearing finals or more experienced players.

A world cup without hunger for America

It’s half-truth that America doesn’t care at all about the Basketball World Cup. Even if more established stars decide to step aside, Team USA has to draw on ‘second tier’ players in this sense.As I have done in the last two editions. While this type of player is usually enough to win a US team tournament, sometimes it isn’t. For this edition, Steve Kerr assembled a team of many young talents, which many owners love., proved unstoppable in the pre-tournament friendly round. However, soon the Dream Team showed its seams.

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