Uriel Antuna’s unforgivable immorality in Sivas caused him to leave

Emphasis on Sivas de Guadalajara To get rid of Uriel Antunna There is a strong motivation, for that reason they are looking to place him at another club because they feel he does not have the professionalism needed to commit to the most important team in Mexican football. Unforgivable immorality.

+ Shivas Stove football heading to the 2022 Glasura of the MX League

In the Peloteros PQ program airing on YouTube In the vicinity of the Holy Flock a title was aired which certainly made much noise, They revealed an additional court situation “Brujo” holding him with two legs outside Guadalajara The best bargain to bring it to the first event was the talking chip From Sebastian Cordova to Verde Valle.

“It simply came to our notice then. Marcelo likes it. Uriel Antuna left Rojiplanka due to gross immorality and left Sivas. He trains with the team (in Barra de Navidat season), but they already informed him before the game against him. Mazatlan and Antuna said it was not true.

“He put the women in Shivas concentration. Uriel Antuna did a mess. The precursor already exists Dieter (Villalpando), de Sofis (Eduardo Lopez), del Gallo (Jose Juan Vasquez). It happened at a local rally, and Amari feels disappointed. “ That’s part of what journalist Jes ஹெs Hernandez mentioned in the aforementioned show.

With this revelation the Guadalajara leadership is a fact This is not the first time “Brujo” has violated internal rules, and on several occasions he has been admitted to the club for mistakes he has made, so he will seek shelter for him anywhere outside the team, which is why De Sebastian does not depend on anything that happens to Cordova Antuna, he will not play anymore With Meeting at Clausura 2022.

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