Why does a new iPhone come out every year? Answered by Tim Cook

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Many believe it’s an easy question to answer: Why does a new iPhone come out every year? And the most logical answer is the monetary, business and commercial aspect, however, the costs of large-scale production must always be seen in that equation, as is the case with the family last. iPhone 15.

And he tried to outline the answer to that question in a conversation with Apple CEO Tim Cook medium animal.


After all, isn’t lowering the iPhone’s refresh rate an environmentally friendly approach? Cook’s answer was this:

“I think it’s a great thing that people who want an iPhone every year. What we do is we let people exchange their phone. If it still works we resell the phone. If it doesn’t work, we have ways to take it apart and get the materials to make a new iPhone.

What will the iPhone look like in 30 years?

Another thing Pruitt asked Tim Cook was how he envisions the iPhone in 20 or 30 years.

“I think it will be carbon neutral. I think it will be more transparent than where it is now, but I don’t want to give you all our secrets on that. From an environmental perspective, I would say it will be carbon neutral.”

Cook finally refused Latest release of iPhone 15Apple seeks to whiten its image with its “green” ads.

“Well, greenwashing is reprehensible. What if you think we’re doing what we’re doing, we’re doing the work? So there’s a real proof. The watch has 30% recycled content.

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It is true that we have drastically reduced air freight to sea freight in terms of transport footprint. It is an action. We cut down on packaging and fit these into multiples. This is an important step. We eliminate plastic. All of these things are actions we’ve taken and they all add up to a carbon neutral clock. And by 2030, carbon neutral products in all regions.

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