NASA robot shares image of door on Mars


A picture Pot Shows a kind Rock carved door on Mars, This caused a stir on social networks and sparked conspiracy theories that there might be life on that planet.

However, geologists have come up with a scientific explanation for this mysterious tunnel, before the various versions of this photograph. Interest, Has been orbiting the surface of Mars and exploring its territory for almost a decade. Experts said May have formed naturallyAs reported by the newspaper ABC.

They are common on that planet “Marcus”, Are called earthquakes that occur there. “The last time this happened was on May 4th, although the exact location is unknown. It is very likely that the film was due a few days later, especially since it was recorded on May 7th.” , They mentioned ABC.

For their part, NASA said scientists If you look at it in detail, the description of the “door” of Mars is in the photo. This record shows the evidence that this cave was formed by “Normal geographical processes”, Professor Sanjeev Gupta of Imperial College London explained The Daily Telegraph.

“Fractures are a fracture and they are abundant on Mars and Earth”, Gupta, who worked with NASA on the Curiosity mission, also said. The professor noted that there was evidence within this cave “Deep cracks or fissures” In rock that may have occurred at any time in the last few hundred million years.

On the British Channel SkynewsWhere they echoed those statements, “the door” was “Fracture “ That is, earthquakes may have caused pressure on the rock so that it broke and a portion of it fell down.

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On the other hand, it comes into operation PerspectiveBecause there is a lot Zoom in In this shot. “Scientists on the team underscored how small the cracks were: 45 by approximately 30 cmA NASA spokesman said SnoopsAuthentication verification website.

The media also stressed that NASA is adamant that it is only a “door” A small crack in the rock.

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