Why are new episodes of Vandavision being released at midnight?

New York (CNN Business) – Every Friday, stunned Marvel fans wake up late or late to follow the weekly adventures of a favorite couple streaming: Witch Wanda Maximoff and her human husband The Vision on Disney’s “Wandavision”.

Marvel Studios’ first original series for Disney + has found a loyal audience, even though new episodes are being introduced at a very strange time.

The series, which takes viewers into a world that reflects traditional TV shows, follows an old-school television schedule, with a new episode being released simultaneously each week, unlike Netflix’s best model.

But here’s the weird part: new episodes are screened every Friday at 3am on the East Coast and midnight at the West Coast.

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One of the most talked about shows on TV is that new episodes are usually reserved for insomnia during a time slot and why send a text message to your ex? Well, streaming services like Disney + are global brands trying to reach a global audience, and no one has the “perfect” time to serve everyone, everywhere.

A Disney (DIS) spokesman told CNN Business: “The reason it’s being released at midnight is because it is a global order at a time when content is working best in all time zones.

For decades, broadcast networks such as ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC only had to worry about serving viewers from beach to beach. Not so in streamers.

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For example, Disney + is available not only in the United States, but also in Canada, Germany, Spain, India, France, Japan, Australia, Brazil and many other countries.

So it can be a challenge for American “Wandavision” fans to get up late and stay away from social media the next day to avoid spoilers. However, Disney has determined that midnight (Pacific time) is the optimal time to reach as many subscribers as possible around the world. Because streaming services hide audience measurements, we do not know how many of those users are actually running when each episode airs.

In addition to finding the world’s sweetest place in terms of time, you should also consider Disney + servers.

Releasing the most anticipated episodes of “Vandavision” or “The Montalorian” while most people sleep helps reduce the burden of service.

But even so, it is not a bar. For example, Disney + crashed when subscribers shut down the system late at night to watch the latest episode of “Wandavision”.

The crash is more likely to talk about the show’s popularity than the service’s technical capabilities, because outside of its release date, Disney + is not known to have failed. But the last thing Disney or any streamer wants is a service that they can’t stream.

In the end, there are many reasons for Disney + to launch “Wandavision” at midnight.

However, the most important reason is to make your users as satisfied as possible, wherever they are. This way, they’ll be watching every week, even if some (including me too) are a little upset about how much coffee they have to keep watching.

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