WhatsApp confirms the function of connecting the account on four different devices

Share It is still one of the most used applications in the world. They are sent every day Millions of messages The company has not stopped launching new tools with the aim of having the functions that users need. In that sense, it is possible to have one of the most common demands The same account on multiple devices, More upcoming option.

Keep in mind that currently it is only possible to link a WhatsApp account to a cell phone number, and the only way to find it on another device is to run the web version. But it is not possible to have this as an app on another smartphone. Also, without phone battery or internet access, chats will not be accessible. Fortunately that is about to change.

WhatsApp CEO Will Goddard confirmed to the WABetaInfo portal that the company is working on a feature that allows multiple devices to be connected to one device. As he said, the account can be synced across four devices.

However, the platform pointed out that this is an ideal Technical challenge Sync all messages and content on different computers, but they expect to launch this option in about two months.

More new features on WhatsApp

The possibility of having an account on multiple devices is not the only message shared by the company. They also announced that they would be involved in development Disappears after reading the news.

Under the same dynamic they will start calling See once, A function that allows View photos and videos for a moment in the chat and then they will disappear permanently.

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Today we have the option Delete a message, There is only a trace of this act; There are also interim messages, but these will disappear after a week.

What we expect in a future update is that the deletion will be automatic and immediate.

Another novelty they shared is that they will release a version of WhatsApp compatible with the iPad, in fact the application will soon be in beta for testing.

WhatsApp confirms new features

As we have already mentioned, information about new activities has been posted on WhatsApp by the expert WABetaInfo site, which we have mentioned on several occasions, and it contains advanced messages such as searching for dark mode or stickers.

Surprisingly, the CEO of WhatsApp contacted them to discuss the next few functions that will come into use. The administrator praised the work of the site, which was designed to make it easier for users to understand and discover new features of the application, as generally only those who know the code will have access to that information.

WABetaInfo turned five this January and has become a specialty based on WhatsApp, to the extent that they have joined the call with the company Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook We are already responsible for confirming specific attributes.

As for the site, Zuckerberg said it was the most important contact people have with them Private newsSo, they are working on creating other features to keep the chat and messages more private.

However, none of the executives commented on when the new features will be available to users. So now we have to wait for the implementation of the new tools.

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