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The referee of Venezuela Alexis Herrera questioned the coach for two actions that, in his opinion, could have changed the course of the game.

Ecuador national team coach Gustavo Albaro described the team’s performance as “quiet”, “satisfied”, combative and organized, despite a 2-0 defeat Friday against Porto Alegre leader Brazil VAR) Additional controversy due to management.

“The truth is, I’m very quiet because the players told me, those who are most satisfied with the performance they have made, should play equally,” the coach told a news conference in Porto Alegre.

“Games are played according to the team. The truth is, Ayrton (Presidio) did what he had to do. We don’t have an admission because I think we worked to close all the joint rounds that could not enter Brazil. Suddenly it happened to us, sometimes precisely to get out with the ball to exploit the pace Alton (Franco) may or may not have the power to work outside of Alton (Franco) I think he (Ayrton) generally played a good game until he felt tired due to wear and tear.What is our idea, we will try to take him as far as possible from our area to Brazil, For that we need physical expressions and that bustle will be felt through the steering wheel, ”said Albero, who asked about the inclusion of Santos Laguna.

Ecuador sold their defeat against Brazil on Friday at the Beira-Rio ground in Porto Alegre, with a defensive but highly organized approach when Richardson scored with the accomplice of a goalkeeper Alexander Domஜnez, who knew how to cut Neymar and the company into the 65th minute.

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“Brazil can reach the goal because we lose a ball early on and we know Brazil put a lot of pressure,” Albaro explained, directing the ‘ghee’ ball and Richardson on the action of the first goal that forced Lucas Pocket to steal Xavier Areca.

Venezuela’s Alexis Herrera’s referee questioned Albero for two acts, which, in his opinion, could have changed the course of the match.

First, in the 60th minute, midfielder Fred was from Ecuador. The Manchester United midfielder was already booked and the referee did not allow him, and Tide quickly replaced him with Gabriel Jesus.

Second, he considered an action taken by Angelo Priciado against Gabriel Jesus to be “debatable” and the arbitrator imposed a fine. Neymar made it 2-0.

“In football there are times when we talk about the results, but there are situations that trigger the fate of one match and it prevents another expectation of results at the end of the match,” he said.

Alberto vowed that the fall of Peru in Quito next Tuesday would be “a necessity” for the triangle, which, despite the defeat, finished third, nine units, and Argentina second. (D)

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