WhatsApp allows you to change numbers for usernames

Share it You are ready to add more change than necessary to the visibility of your site’s users. Instant messaging app target It is developing a new feature that can replace phone numbers with usernames when you receive a message from someone not added to the phonebook.

Depending on what the portal specifies WABetaInfoThis option was added in the update of the beta version Share it For Android devices. Initially, the feature converted phone numbers to usernames only in the message bubble in group chats. However, in the latest version, the app has extended it to the main list of chats as well.

A great help for WhatsApp group chats

As can be seen in the screenshot shared by the above page, the username replaces the phone number in the chat list. Thanks to this, it will be easy to find out who an unknown contact is writing to without planning. The new option is especially useful in large group chats, where identifying unknown members is difficult. The username will appear instead of the phone number in various sections of the app, such as the list of group participants.

Although the functionality has been released for some beta testers of the version iOS After installing the update of the beta Share itThis does not mean that the phone number is hidden from group members, as it is still visible within the chat bubble.

Overall, this update will be a very welcome change for many users Share it Group chats often have trouble identifying unknown contacts. Undoubtedly, the username feature will make group chats easier to manage and communication more efficient.

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Other messages coming on WhatsApp

In addition to the option to convert phone numbers to usernames, Share it It is developing other features and tools that will soon reach its core client base. For example, the most recent includes the introduction of group chats with an expiration date that will be removed once their life cycle is over.

Other features include the ability to mute calls from unknown numbers, a “newsletter” tool to broadcast information to a limited number of contacts, and the option to convert voice memos to text. Although we don’t know when they will arrive in the standard version Share itThe ground is already being prepared from the app’s beta.

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