What is BAM-2? Google’s new AI language

Google Palm 2 It’s a new artificial intelligence system that Google presented at its developer conference I/O 2023. This is a major update to its more powerful language model, which is already built into 25 Google products Bart chatbotGmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets and YouTube.

Palm 2 is capable of performing tasks such as mathematics, programming, reasoning, multilingual translation and natural language generation.

Google says Palm 2 is a more advanced model that minimizes risks to users and detects toxic, offensive or explicit sexual language.

“PaLM 2 models are robust in logic and reasoning, thanks to extensive training in logic and reasoning,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai said on stage at the company’s I/O conference. “He is also trained in multilingual text covering more than 100 languages.”

The system is available in four sizes, named Gecko, Otter, Bison, and Unicorn, from small to large, and is tuned on domain-specific data to perform certain tasks for enterprise customers.

A lighter version of PalM 2, Gecko, small enough to run on mobile phones, processes 20 tokens per second, roughly equivalent to 16 or 17 words, Google says. Google didn’t say what hardware was used to test the prototype, only that it runs on “recent phones.”

Google, in its description of PalM 2, says the computer’s training corpus consists of “a collection of diverse sources: web documents, books, code, math, and conversational data,” without providing further details.

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