After 4 generations of phones, Apple will finally reduce the size of the screen bangs with the iPhone 12s / iPhone 13

The weekend also brings us some interesting things Digitimes The inventor of what Apple is making for us this year in terms of smartphones. Then Single Hair / Banks Unchanged 4 Generation Phones, Cupertino Company This will reduce the size of the cutout on the screen Launched as the iPhone 12s or iPhone 13 with the introduction of the new generation iPhone.

Digitimes has learned from its supply chain sources that the next generation iPhone will finally deliver a little bang, and the public has been waiting a long time. Apple achieves this by integrating the infrared camera and dot projector associated with Face ID into one volume, thus making the design more compact.

The same release reveals new TV showsfoane iPhone 12sThey keep the frame flat From the iPhone 12, they will be in 4 numbers, probably all the same format (12s, 12s Mini, 12s Pro and 12s Pro Max). All new phones in the series will integrate the lidar scanner The back but OIS sensor-shift technology is currently available exclusively on the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

One last information released today is that the iPhone 12S Pro and Pro Max variants will receive larger photo lenses. Until these models are introduced, Apple is preparing for the introduction of the iPhone SE Plus, which recorded a leak yesterday Here.

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