What was believed to be a small dinosaur trapped in amber turned out to be ‘a strange animal’

Unknown scientists and researchers are trying to understand the world, which still exists millions of years ago.

This is a complex task, which means that researchers sometimes misunderstand things. That’s fine – this is a wonderful thing, people. Creative and systematic investigation is the way science advances and learns more about our planet Earth.

With pointed teeth and swollen eyes, this little prehistoric animal got stuck in an amber piece and made headlines last year. Paleontologists agree that this small animal is a dinosaur the size of a hummingbird.

But that model turns out to be not a bird or a dinosaur, but a lizard, whose stem has taken the shape of a vine for many years.

According to the researchers, the skull is made of amber, which is made up of bubbles of wood resin that form on the trunk and harden, enlarging the shape of the bird. The second amber specimen, which retained scales and soft tissue, showed lizard-like characteristics, but scientists said it did not resemble any lizard alive today.

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