What diseases can you treat with horseradish?

Horseradish, also known as garlic, wild root, contains vitamin C, B vitamins, but also minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

The treatment based on horseradish, lemon and honey helps the body to get rid of toxins, stimulates digestion, but also the functions of bile and pancreas.

Get rid of cough and bronchitis.

Horseradish is recommended for coughs, the treatment of chronic bronchitis and in respiratory diseases such as the lung, as it has strong antibiotic, expectorant and bronchodilator effects.

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Make a mixture of 3 tablespoons of grated horseradish with half a tablespoon of honey. One teaspoon of this mixture is recommended after each main meal of the day. You can also eat horseradish salad with beets.

Relieves rheumatic pain

Rheumatic pains can be relieved with horseradish remedies. Therefore, you can prepare horseradish vinegar. Grate the horseradish root, place in a bowl and pour the apple cider vinegar on top. Let it soak for a few days. Take action every day and then strain. It is used externally.

Treat toothache

Toothache can be relieved with horseradish. Put 60 degrees of alcohol in the grated horseradish root and keep it in a bottle in the dark. When a tooth hurts, apply a tampon with this solution to the painful area.

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Fight chronic fatigue

Horseradish therapy is indicated to combat chronic fatigue. Grate 2 horseradish roots, put in a jar and pour the brandy until full. It is left to soak for 10-15 days, after which it is filtered and transferred to bottles. Take three tablespoons after the main meals. After a 30-day break, you can repeat the therapy.

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Stomach bandage

Slow digestion and hypoacid gastritis are effectively treated with 2-3 tablespoons of grated horseradish consumed during main meals. Treatment must be continued for at least 21 days.

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