The documentary “Collective” was named Best Foreign Language Film by the National Film Critics Association of America.

The trophy exhibition, hosted by the National Film Critics Association of America, ran from Saturday night to Sunday. Among the winners is the documentary “Coalition” directed by Alexander Nanov. Additional details in the article.

Joint Documentary Film

After the already winning series and the Oscars, a premiere for Romania (the first time our country goes to the Oscars with a documentary), “Collaboration” Received a new compliment from critics. This time, it was the National Association of Film Critics (NSFC) The Romanian production won the grand prize in the “Best Foreign Film” category.

“Collective” scored 38 points, followed by “Bagurao” (36 points), “Beanpole” (36 points), “Vitalina Varela” (32 points). The documentary was nominated for “Best Non-Fiction Film”, but failed to win a major trophy, finishing third.

“Joint” Documentary Named “Best Picture of 2020” by Rolling Stone in early December. In December, former US President Barack Obama posted a list of his favorite movies from 2020 on Twitter. That list was “joint”.

The documentary follows the events that took place in Romania in the fall of 2015, when a fire broke out at a collective club, but even later. The film focuses mainly on the Gazette Sportular investigation, the Hexi Pharma case, but also on the fundamental issues related to the Ministry of Health and the treatment of victims of grief.

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