Pacano faced the Fylex III, a fighter of different abilities

Mexico City /

Bagano, One of the best stars in Mexican wrestling today, collaborated Fight for inclusion By presenting an exhibition before File III, He is a gladiator of different abilities who are said to never be introduced.

While he was staying in Lyon, Guanajuato Noah is the king of the Noah style It was part of an encounter that marked the life of a young man named Phylex I had six years of training Who was not given the opportunity Due to their physical limitations.

The fight, which lasted about five minutes, was well managed by Pagano, who did everything he could to make his opponent comfortable. Be aware of the moment, too Took the defeat.

An appreciative gesture

Fans of the show hosted by Generation XXI are a few, though Has gone viral on social media Thanks for the excellent gesture of Extreme King.

“This initiative was born several days ago. It came from a pure heart, it was not an exhibition fight, it was for him. Every day is not given an opportunity and I hope we will be given opportunities that are not given to us in our daily routine, ”he commented.

Flex, meanwhile, thanked father Pagano for gesturing with his son because “going into the ring is a dream”.

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