American press reveals who the singer is really excited about

After her breakup with Gerard Pique, The Emotional life of Shakira It is subject to public opinion. Interpreter this time Such eyes And Boring She has been linked with various celebrities like Tom Cruise, Alejandro Sanz and Lewis Hamilton. However, now the US media has really exposed the Colombian She is dating an NBA player.

Woman from Barranquilla reveals with photo that she was in Europe for labor issues With music producer David Stewart. However, she also attended Paris Fashion Week.

Strong rumours Shakira is related to British pilot Lewis HamiltonAs they have gone out on many occasions: dinners at restaurants, romantic dates on a yacht and the singer has gone to cheer him on at the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Even paparazzi Jordi Marti would have confirmed their relationship. Two.

On July 9, the singer was at the venue for the British Grand Prix. Rumor has it to visit Hamilton. International media reported that the two had a “wild night” at a London nightclub after the event.

“They’ve been out many times.”

Although Hamilton and Shakira are said to be in the early stages of a relationship and are still getting to know each other, the author Acrostic And Compile In fact The Miami Heat basketball player is dating Jimmy Butler.

American media American magazine Shakira and Jimmy Butler explained “They have been out many times, But it’s too late to know if there’s long-term power.”

Additionally, the source was consulted, and someone close to the singer said, “Jimmy makes Shakira laugh She is happy to spend time with him.

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These statements will be reinforced through media releases Daily Mail They announced where The two celebrities dined July 12 at Novikov Restaurant & Bar in London. So this eviction would be another reason why the singer traveled to Europe.

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For this dinner, the artist wore blue pants with black platform sandals; At the same time the basketball player was wearing a black t-shirt and sports pants of the same color.

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