Tony Costa bids farewell to Adamari Lopez in his profile picture!

After these difficult weeks Adamari Lopez and Tony Costa dThey both announced their surprise separation, The Spanish dancer’s gesture went unnoticed on the networks.

Alana’s inseparable father He shared his stories today with his little girl, as many times, while taking martial arts classes and making fun of her in the car.

However, in the photo of your profile, the happy picture that kept your family together a few weeks after you split up … will this be a step back from this girlfriend’s reconciliation? Family by Latin audience in the United States?

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The photo that now appears on the Spaniard’s profile is a beautiful portrait of a father alone with his daughter, without a trace of Adamari. He also shared Fodder Under a meaningful photo, just looking at the camera, he wrote: “Congratulations Tuesday, God bless you, thank you.”

Last weekend, Adamari’s still husband Went to California to teach Zumba classes in San Jose and Auckland, When his wife He went out to eat in good company on Saturday, He was seen at church on Sunday, with friends and people helping him in the house service.

Costa He has taken refuge in his work, which cannot be stopped: He announced that he would continue to travel He was included in his class tour dates in Arizona, Las Vegas, Utah, Seattle, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, New Jersey, Philadelphia, New York and Costa Rica, Guatemala and El Salvador.

Adamari Lopez Continue with you Lifestyle changes and looks brighter at work, He is constantly practicing sports and show an amazing figure.

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