Daniela Reyes breaks her silence and speaks for the first time about her breakup with Yomil

Daniela Reyes And Yomil Hidalgo They emerged as one of the most beloved couples in Cuban entertainment; The reason for their split has been a mystery for months, but the young woman finally broke her silence and decided to go public about the split.

In a question and answer session with his followers on his YouTube channel, the issue came up and the Cuban influencer put an end to rumors and speculation.

“I don’t talk about this topic on social networks or on YouTube, because honestly there are things I want to keep to myself,” the YouTuber explained.

“Yomil and I had a very beautiful relationship. “I feel we both came into our lives at the right time, but in this life what is permanent is permanent,” she said.

For Daniela, “I think life is not complicated, we are the ones who make life complicated. I believe that not even close people can understand what we went through and what happened to us, I feel that behind closed doors only the two of us understand.

“Sometimes one of the problems of relationships is that they don’t understand each other, the character sometimes has the most important weight (…) Sometimes we have to leave with the same taste and with the same love. In fact, the last conversation we had before I left, I kissed him, and to this day There are nights when I pray for him because I want him to be better,” she admitted.

“What remains with him and me is forever, that’s what we lived and felt, and I know that he and I hold it with great affection,” Daniela concluded.

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Although The two separated last JuneAfter nearly three years together, Yomil didn’t talk about their breakup until a few days ago.

Daniela was one of the most beautiful things that happened to me In my life and it will be like that for the rest of my life,” the singer said in a recent interview.

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