DSU leader Reid Arafat Kovid was vaccinated. “This is a normal gesture”

I have said many times that we will be vaccinated when our turn comes. Today, DSU colleagues and Major General D.S. Together with the IGSU leadership led by Imandi, we went to get vaccinated at the Zerota Hospital of the Ministry of Home Affairs. I don’t think I made an unusual gesture, but a gesture

Naturally, the vaccine against the disease caused by SARS-Cove virus 2 is the only hope at this time.

If each of us took this step when it was our turn, we would certainly reduce the impact of this virus and return to life as close as possible to the default we are accustomed to. There is still a long way to go, but the result is that each of us, depending on how the vaccine campaign goes, is just starting out.

Find the right information from reliable sources and do not be fooled by misinformation and those who provide you with scientifically unsubstantiated and unreasonable information!

My colleagues and I wanted to be vaccinated in general.Said Reid Arafat.

The doctor praises that the vaccination campaign so far in Romania has “gone well”, “we are not the best or the worst in Europe.

“For me, the campaign is going well. We are not the best or the worst in Europe. Yes, there are campuses for improvement, but so far I think it’s very good, but it needs to be multiplied.”, After being vaccinated against Govt-19, Reid Arafat said.
When asked when he estimated that the population in Romania would be vaccinated, Arafat said that 60-70% of Romanians need to be vaccinated, depending on the speed at which the vaccine is given, but how the authorities can force people to vaccinate him.
“S.We hope that there will be a significant number of those who are reluctant to get vaccinated. There is a party that is still looking for information about the vaccine, our role is to provide information to them and we will do it“, Said the doctor.

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