“We do whenever they want.”

in Yom He announced through his social networks that the concert he was supposed to give in Cienfuegos this Friday has been suspended.

“Cienfuegos has suspended me again,” he said in the uploaded message Stories From his Instagram account, he promised to do it “whenever they want” without giving further details.

Immune to another obstacle on the road, the reggaeton singer admits, he hasn’t lost his desire to sing to his audience in the central Cuban province.

“Of the many stripes that the tiger has, one does not hurt,” he concluded his speech with some direct words to his fans: “Remember my beautiful people of Cienfuegos, but it leaves. Hand.”

instagram Stories / in Yom

At this time, he did not give more details about the reasons for suspending his presentation, although in the stories of Yomil and El Dany it was reported that the concert was planned for September 15 at the stadium in Cienfuegos. Suspended “due to issues beyond our team’s control”.

Instagram Stories / Yomil and El Dany

It has not yet been announced whether the concert will be rescheduled.

Yomil is scheduled to appear in the Plaza de Alquizar this Saturday.

Followers, for their part, count the days until the arrival October 9, it is the day of seeing the light F5, Yomil’s new album will have 11 songs, some of which are trap.

“again” Still wanting to break it down among his audience, Yomil continues, having already been censored and canceled on the island a few months ago.

They stopped two of my concerts in Santiago de Cuba“But I’m calm, God’s timing is always right,” he lamented last June.

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