After enjoying Foundation, the rest of the sci-fi now seems a little worse to me

The sci-fi epic Fundación on Apple TV+ is nothing like the original books, and that excites me a lot

Science fiction, with its ability to take us to it Unexplored places We drown ourselves in it Uncertain futuresIt is a literary and cinematic genre that has delighted and dazzled audiences for decades. Among the countless gems of the genre, epic novels stand out Founded by Isaac Asimov. Asimov’s works stand for this Basic pillars Literature of this type, and its adaptation institution He doesn’t want to be left behind. This literary epic, which includes several books, presents A A huge vision for the futurewhere politics, spirituality, and human interconnectedness are intertwined in a highly complex narrative fabric.

The scale of this sci-fi scenario over the decades has been mean Challenging for any type of audiovisual adaptation. At the heart of the plot is Psychological historyIt is a discipline that combines mathematics and sociology to predict the future statistically. The complexity of this concept, along with the richness of the characters, the geographical and temporal expanse of its universe, and the depth of the plot, seemed beyond the reach of the world of film and television. However, in September 2021, Apple TV+ She surprised us with an ambitious version of Fundación, the series that quickly became One of the most notable first shows on the platform.

The Foundation Odyssey on Apple TV+

Foundation series It’s not a traditional adaptation From Asimov’s novels. Although the essence of the story is respected, the production team is led by… David S. Goer And Josh Friedmanhe made the necessary adjustments, reductions, and enlargements to bring the work into this new format in a way that would make it coherent and acceptable.

This television adaptation not only ventures into the vast and complex world of the novels; The nuances and complexities of the characters Deep at its core, Fundación’s plot centers on a character Harry SeldonA mathematician and creator of psychohistory, his struggle to preserve human knowledge in a galactic empire on the brink of collapse. The series delves into the thoughts and motivations of Seldon and other characters trapped in what seems like an unchangeable prediction of the universe’s future, providing a highly ambitious vision for the universe’s story telling. The collapse of an empire on a galactic scale.

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One of the most notable aspects of Fundación is that such a topic is presented with interesting analysis Political and spiritual issues In a future context. The series shows a galactic empire divided into multiple planets, each with their own political and cultural dynamics. Tensions between central authority and peripheral regions, as well as power struggles and corruption, energize a rich narrative full of fascinating details in a story full of mystery and saga. Additionally, the series explores the idea of ​​the religion of science, a belief that seeks to keep the flame of knowledge alive in times of darkness, and which never ceases to be present in the social dialogue of our real world. And what do you want me to tell you, I find it a very interesting topic. Everything I see in this series It seems to me that it was placed on the screen correctly.From interpreting its main cast, to designing its melee weapons, to representing its virtual worlds.

Politics is basically not just a background, but the main driver of the plot. Characters look Caught in complex power gamesPolitical decisions have a direct impact on the fate of the empire and the survival of Seldon’s psychological history. This focus on Politics as a driving force It adds layers of complexity and realism to the series, setting it apart from many other science fiction productions.

Stay away from wookies and creepers

Fundación is clearly distinct from other science fiction proposals, e.g star Wars and his carefree focus on adventures Space operaand although they share the vast stage of space, Fundación indulges in Political and social complexities Instead of focusing on charismatic heroes and villains. Moreover, we find it on the same platform as Apple TV+ InvadeWhich deals with the arrival of aliens to Earth from A more traditional perspective From science fiction with the theme of alien invasion.

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High volume and complexity of production

The base series is A A tremendous achievement in terms of production. Huge, magnificent sets, stunning visual effects and stunning costume design transport the viewer to a distant, dazzling future. He also does this by managing to find his own personality in such an environment. Visually saturated Like this kind. Despite some criticism, such as controversial opinion guardianwondered if the series’ big budget was It is fully justified by its qualityIt is undeniable that the series sets a new standard in terms of scale and artistic vision in television science fiction.

Each episode of Foundation is a sample of the tremendous work the production team has done to recreate Asimov’s world Amazing level of detail. From the grandeur of Trantor, the empire’s capital, to the far-flung realms, the series captures… Vastness and diversity From this galactic future. The sheer scale as well as its visual effects only serve to enhance the apocalyptic experience that immerses fans of the genre and Asimov’s readers in this vast universe.

Series vs. Novels: between the familiar and the novel

For seasoned readers of Isaac Asimov, modifying the institution may create Range of emotions. This happens all the time in mods of this type, remember Power rings on Prime Video and its free inspiration in Tolkien’s work. In this case we are not talking about it Nothing too exciting. Some may consider it a betrayal of the original work, that’s true, but I think most readers will see this series as an opportunity Rediscover familiar narratives From a new perspective, at the same time, which is what attracts A New potential readers. The series made changes to the plot and characters, but these changes… They do not necessarily contradict the essence of the novels. Instead, they offer The reinterpretation may come as a surprise For Asimov fans.

Between pause and action

Enterprise progress Slow pace and conversationContext and reflection are essential to understanding the complex universe Asimov created. While this narrative choice was welcomed by some viewers, others expressed their dissatisfaction and rejection They described the series as boring. I personally find some dialogue scenes exciting like the big astro battles, but I understand that there are people who get bored if there aren’t things exploding on screen, or people dying. This disparity of opinions reveals the polarizing nature of adaptation, which seeks to find a balance between hHonor the original work and attract a wider audience.

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Because in the end, that’s what it’s about: for as many people as possible to see this series, and we should recognize that The source material for the novels is complexAnd sometimes barren. To reach a diverse audience, the two Fundación producers are combined Elements of action, mystery and conspiracy. This approach is reminiscent of the successful series game of thrones, which combined political intrigue with epic battle moments. Inclusion of these elements may be considered Forced attempt To attract a wider audience and prevent viewers from turning off due to the reflective nature of the series. Who can you blame them?

The foundation revived and expanded the legacy of Isaac Asimov to A new generation of science fiction fans. Its cosmic focus on political and spiritual themes, its pacing, its stylized characters, its space odyssey, and its attempts Balance between thinking and action They make it an interesting and diverse business. Now, when I watch other non-Foundation sci-fi series, I notice that something is missing. Although its reception is polarized, and understandably not everyone likes it, His influence on the genre is undeniable And its position as one of the most prominent first shows on the platform.

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