The cost of underused public space

After almost 40 years of waiting, the Parque Central de València saw the light at the end of 2018.

Well, three years after its inauguration, citizens, businesses and companies in the area ask themselves the following question:

Why are there underutilized empty spaces that only serve as defecation for pigeons?

And to show a button, as illustrated in the following image:

Does anyone understand what this empty and unused space is for?

Probably not, and if this space were owned by a company, it would probably be making a profit on each square meter, which, on the other hand, is priced at more than 2,700 euros per meter in the area.

But, to be able to use this space we have been here for more than three years. The projects that have been proposed for the warehouses inside the enclosure are the following: to house a sports center, an IVAM traveling exhibition and as a socio-cultural space for the Popular University, actions that, except for the latter, have not yet been manifested; still in force, yes, the vandalism that occurs in every building that the rogue on duty may think is abandoned:

And while it is tendered and not tendered, it is awarded and it is not awarded and the project to be installed is carried out or not, what happens to the spaces?:

Judge for yourselves according to the images that have been sent to the Editorial Office of Economy 3, the pigeons roam freely and meanwhile, for example, we have our elders unable to resume certain activities in the centers for the elderly, because they don’t have enough space in these times of pandemic.

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We should be more agile in managing the public space that, in short, all taxpayers pay for, we cannot have spaces that could be generating considerable social and economic dynamism for three years.

From the business world we can think of a number of initiatives that could house these spaces: restaurants, kiosks, craft markets and a long list of activities that will generate employment and wealth. Everything except the laziness that these images reflect. Even in the management of bathrooms, we could take note of how different European countries do it where a person is in charge of its maintenance and the user pays a small tip. This, on the other hand, would deter vandalism again and prevent images like the ones we accompany from being produced:

In short, seeing this wonderful space, I can think of multiple initiatives to take advantage of public space, which is a common good:

Meanwhile, enjoy a pleasant walk through the Central Park, which has a wide representation of Mediterranean flora; where trees, flower gardens, horticulture and meadows are combined.

A unique space that we only intend to improve and see promptly solved the aforementioned aspects.

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