The host attacked Lucero for criticizing Lucerito Mijares

Controversy ensued Sofia Rivera Torres, Eduardo Videgaray And Jose Ramon San CristobalOn his Mexican TV show Is it important!From Image TV, she made fun of her body image Lucerito Mijares, noted that she looked like a “human”, causing public outrage. As expected, Lucero, his mother, asked these drivers to “always cancel.” First spoke in response to the singer's request; He disagreed, arguing that they had already apologised.

“By what authority? “Everybody has made their mistakes,” Rivera warned Torres on the broadcast. Saga with Adela Micha (Internet). “Lucero mom undoubtedly has a tail, it's here we don't cancel it, when she watered, nobody canceled it when she made a mistake. Me and one's daughter Eduardo [Videgaray] “He's somebody's son. We made a mistake. We made a mistake. We apologize.”

According to the former participant of The House of the Famous Mexico, the protagonist Golden Rooster Acted appropriately, but also pointed out that the famous man used his followers to attack them.

“As a mother I appreciate what Lucero did. As a mother, I think she did exactly what she had to do,” he remarked. “But this side of the joke is that other people don't assume that the person on the screen, you are someone's son or daughter, and that we all make mistakes. I didn't have famous parents who would upload something on social media and send millions of followers to attack me. Therefore, those who demand respect the most do it in the worst possible way.

Lucerido Mijares and Lucero.

IG/Orlando_Makeup; Jeff Daly/Getty Images

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Sofia Rivera Torres reiterated that what happened to the daughter of Lucero and Manuel Mijares was a mistake anyone could make. “We, suddenly, are human and make mistakes,” he concluded.

For his part, Lucerito Mijares assured that the situation “doesn't affect me”; However, locals and strangers alike continue to flock to their defense.

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