Videos: Catch a fireball passing and exploding in the night sky of Florida and the Bahamas


13 abr 2021 23:02 GMT

Some experts confirm that the asteroid ‘2021 GW4’ may be just four meters away, which is expected to pass this Monday at a distance of nearly 20,000 kilometers from Earth.

Hundreds of people on Tuesday witnessed a fireball passage burning in the night sky of Florida (USA) and the Bahamas followed by an explosion. Witnesses surprised by this event They sent More than 200 reports and nine videos to the American Meteorological Association recording the event as ‘Event 2281-2021’.

“It was as beautiful and big as a big ball fire Sliding down Then it will explode and disappear, “one of the witnesses described.” Initially I thought I saw it A plane crash, Because of the bright color of the fire, the smoke path and the fragmentation, and because we have both civil and commercial aircraft, ”commented another.

How fast the fireball traveled through the atmosphere and at what altitude it was seen is not currently specified. Experts They confirm It could be the asteroid ‘2021 GW4’ at a distance of four meters, which is estimated to be relatively close to Earth, about 20,000 kilometers away this Monday. In any case, as it is shown, even if it comes close That does not mean danger As for the planet, an asteroid of this size burns and decomposes when it enters the atmosphere.

For their part, others I think The engraved object may have been torn to pieces by a simple piece of 2021 GW4 or even a simple fireball, as would happen with most celestial objects like this.

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