What does Liga MX Big 4 need to qualify for Ligula?

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The Fight for the title of guard1anes 2021 Burning, being Liga MX Big Four They are still trying to add a star, the purpose of which USA and Cruise Azul They are very close right now because they have already confirmed their arrival for the next round because they are two teams with the best performance throughout the semester, at the same time. Sivas and Poomas They have to get rid of the calculator and rely on other results to sneak into reuse.

United States

Doubts about the Santiago Solari seem to have been dispelled because the team is not only second-class, but so is Constant Fight for overall leadership, You can pick up if you win the Young Classic on the weekend.

  • America vs Cruz Azul
  • Tolu vs USA
  • Poomas vs America


Looking forward to Match Day 15, Guadalajara ranks 15th in the classification, three units from the Repatch area, thankfully, it still exists A match with Montreal is pending, So now he must win and wait for Poomas and Pachuka to succeed in their duties, he must also take advantage of the fact that he will face Tijuana to match him in units to face J16 in the Green Zone.

  • Sivas vs Solos
  • Monterey vs Sivas
  • Atlas Vs Sivas
  • Sivas vs Dykrus

Blue Cross

Thanks to this stack of 12 consecutive wins, the engine has 36 units, for which Fiesta confirmed its arrival on the Grande, but now it wants to impose a record of points, Its maximum is 45If the Eagles fall, it will only require a balance to position itself at the highest point.

  • America vs Cruz Azul
  • Cruise Azul vs San Luis
  • Cruise Azul Vs Solos
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The University Club was in the area of ​​reparation, the problem was that Tigress won his pending match and displaced him. The good news for Andres Lillini is that he will be competing against Regios, who is forced to win to snatch his place, and is waiting to beat Solos and Guerrero at the table for his carelessness so he can move up to ninth place.

  • Poomas vs Tigers
  • Puebla vs Poomas
  • Poomas vs America

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