Venezuela election results: Freddie Superlano: “Defeating Chavez on their field is precious” | International

Freddie Superlano at a press conference on November 30 in the Sacco neighborhood of Caracas.Yuri Cortes (AFP)

Having been suspended for a week, no one was able to compete The decision to give Freddie Superlano of the Popular Will Party a victory in the Paris state government, Cradle of Commander Hugo Chavez. The defeat of the late revolutionary leader and acting governor’s brother, Argentine Chavez, seemed a fact. Until the Supreme Court ruled by Savista commanders in Caracas, the opposition was responsible for annulling the victory.

Before the start of the election campaign, the judge ordered that Superlano weigh in on the political disqualification process and stop the vote count, arguing that he had ordered a re-election in the state. It is clear that the opposition candidate has been allowed to stand in the election in the context of the inter-negotiation agreement Protests in Savismo and Mexico It is currently suspended.

Question. Now that you’ve been disqualified do you think you can argue and snatch victory?

Answer. Not to tell the truth. I thought the Savistas were going to steal the election from the National Electoral Council itself, something fake situation, a trick. I was amazed at the size. Now a rumor is circulating that they are going to make serious accusations and criminal offenses against me for not being able to campaign or support another candidate.

B. Should the opposition run again in the January 9 election in the state of Barinas?

R. After the event, the non-voter in Paris wants to vote. The people had a bitter taste. He defeated Chavismo in Chavez’s home state 22 years later. No word of revenge, but people saw what happened. There may even be a high level of participation.

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B. Even if you are not a candidate after winning?

R. Of course. I succeeded in thinking that if they blocked my way, I could defeat them again.

B. Do you think the PSUV (Venezuela United Socialist Party) in Barinas is mobilizing its fighters and campaigning to defeat the opposition?

R. He is going to do it, they have the machines, the customer system. They seek coercion, intimidation, and they have control over petrol and diesel in Perinas. From buying a conscience to intimidating. Parinas is a militarized state. Competing against dictatorship will not be a challenge.

B. It is noteworthy that Argentine Chavez has resigned as governor and filed a new candidacy.

R. Failure is imposed on him. Argenis argues that he has no support from the national government and that he cannot manage the same situation in the country. For all the benefits and abuse, he could not succeed. They hijacked the minutes, stopped the data for a whole week, and finally, bought the famous scorpion corruption agents.

B. Are people confusing you with former opposition deputy leader Adolfo Superlano who made it possible to go to the Supreme Court and ignore his victory? [El Supremo venezolano tomó su decisión tras admitir el amparo constitucional interpuesto por Adolfo Superlano -un dirigente opositor disidente, acusado de actos de corrupción- contra Freddy Superlano ]

R. I have received countless insults from people who confuse me with suffering with this guy. In other words, we have no family, no bond.

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B. Who can be Savismo’s candidate in this new election in Paris?

R. I think it will be a Chavez. It is a family nation. Hugo Chavez had several brothers and nephews involved in politics. They have been mayors, ministers, governors, and deputies. Chavez has always been plugged into power.

B. Can you present Unanimous candidature of the Opposition For January 9?

R. Of course. We are working with other factors of democratic solidarity, and when the candidate for the new governor is nominated, we will do it together. This is the way to face the monster with a thousand heads.

B. Who is the candidate?

R. It is not yet defined. I know it is almost impossible for the Supreme Court to reconsider my position. But I have an obligation to appeal to go to international organizations. Here too the political rights of many have been violated. Nicolas Maduro has an open trial at the International Criminal Court. The EU report will have a special chapter on the Parinas case.

B. How do you personally feel after success and disqualification?

R. I’m glad. There is nothing to win in the state of Paris; Challenging what we have challenged has enormous value. Failure Chavez under their rule விலைமதிப்பற்ற; See Argentine Chavez resign and admit defeat. We wanted to rule for the people, we had a well-established proposal, but since we are in a dictatorship I understand what is going on, I am not disappointed.

B. Are you going to vote for the new opposition candidate?

R. Of course. Until the repression intensifies and everyone is imprisoned. The international community clearly knows what we are experiencing in Venezuela, but I do not rule out that it will happen. Armed Forces Venezuela And the Project Republic is a political party in the service of the government of Nicolas Maduro. A party with weapons, tanks, grenades and underwear.

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